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It’s no surprise that many home connections have struggled to meet increased demand from the whole family over the last 24 months. Netflix streaming and gaming, video calls, accessing cloud-based company software, systems and applications as well as downloading and uploading large files all rely on a quality, secure connection. The great news is that they no longer have to compete for bandwidth because the Granite City finally has a local broadband provider committed to bringing full fibre to your home.

Let’s introduce our packages

£33.95 A MONTH

Perfect for:

Small households

1 or 2 Users

Small number of devices

£38.95 A MONTH

Perfect for:

The whole family

Working and studying

Streaming and gaming

£49.95 A MONTH

Perfect for:

Very large households

Blisteringly Fast Speed

Strenuous demands

A word about us

Our GraniteGiG packages, built for speed and endurance and designed to meet your whole family’s online demands, are brought to you by Converged, a company born and bred in The Deen. Although we may be the new boy in town for home broadband, we’ve got years of experience working with businesses throughout the North-east.

Why full fibre?

We could bore you with the technical ins and outs but let’s suffice to say that the buffering, lagging, fuzzy images, excruciatingly slow speeds and even getting chucked out of Netflix, are very often because of the copper element of your connection. Some services call themselves fibre, but actually only a proportion of the connection is fibre which means that the copper is still in there somewhere causing problems.

Full fibre, on the other hand, allows everyone in your household to go about their business to their hearts content:

• Superfast fibre direct to your home without bottlenecks
• Keep the whole family happy, stream multiple devices at the same time
• Work from home as if you were in the office
• Buffer free and crystal-clear video call

We’d love for you to enjoy all the benefits of full fibre

There’s currently over 50,000 city-centre households eligible to connect to Aberdeen’s super-fast network through us. Use our postcode availability checker to find out if you’re one of these ready-to-be-connected homes.



Aberdeen City homes can now access GraniteGiG


A full fibre connection will bring a radical improvement to your online experience at home. HD streaming will be easy no matter how many people are online.
Remote working will become faster and more reliable, and your connection will be ready for any new technology that comes our way. It will also support digital transformation outside the home in your city – supporting businesses, schools, healthcare, public services, and smart city applications.
Find out more on CityFibre’s Gigabit Cities page.

The speed will depend on which package you opt for:

GraniteGiG 200 – 200 Mbps upload and download speeds

GraniteGiG 500 – 500 Mbps upload and download speeds

GraniteGiG 900 – 900 Mbps upload and download speeds

Whatever package you go for, you’re guaranteed to reach speeds unachievable with any non-full fibre connection.

The optimal package for you will be dependent on the number of users and devices connecting to the network, as well as the amount of data you’ll be streaming. While not set in stone, the following gives a guide to the typical type of user for each package:

GraniteGiG 200 – Perfect for smaller households with one or 2 devices

GraniteGiG 500 – Perfect for families that simultaneously want to work, rest or play without competing for bandwidth.  This is the one that will restore harmony in your home!

GraniteGiG 900– Perfect for homes where speed is everything and only the most powerful connection will do.

No, you can’t use your own router because doing so would cause a bottleneck, reducing upload and download speeds. To get the most from your new connection you’ll receive a brand-new high spec router which will be able to handle the speed and power of full fibre. Each package includes the best router for reaching specific speeds.

Not unless you want to. As you’ll have fibre connected directly to your home you will no longer need a traditional telephone line. However, if you’d like to continue to use your telephone line for making and receiving calls, then you can keep your existing line, or we can provide you with an excellent low-cost alternative using VOIP (voice over IP) Technology.

Yes, you can but you must have written approval from the property owner prior to your scheduled appointment date. Our engineer will need this document prior to going ahead with your installation.

We will not build anything on your property until you decide to take a service. In most cases, we place a small black connection box in the ground on the boundary of your property or on a nearby utility pole. Once you take a service, our installers will agree a preferred installation route from the connection box to your property.

This depends on your home. A wide range of factors, such as distance from the router, thick walls, and other wireless devices & electronics, can impact the Wifi signal in your home, leading to Wifi dead spots and lower download & upload speeds than expected when using wireless devices. For granite properties, we recommend a site survey to ensures that we address these issues up front.

Typically, within 10 working days from contract acceptance. Like every other business, at times Covid has impacted our installation schedules but we are working to keep this to a minimum. You will be given a choice of installation dates at contract signing stage.

Once connected you will be given access to an online trouble shooting portal. You’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions here as well as details of who to contact depending on your issue. Generally, you should have no problems with your new connection, but we’re on your doorstep and just a call away if one arises.

We don’t offer any new customer discounts; in fact, we don’t offer any promotions so you can have confidence that all our customers will pay the same and you’ll never miss out on some ‘amazing deal’. We think we’ve priced our packages fairly and competitively in the first place. 

If you enter your postcode on CityFibre’s availability checker, you’ll see which other broadband providers can connect your home. At present there are three in Aberdeen, and we’re proud to be the only local supplier.

To find out if you’re one of over 50,000 city-centre households eligible to connect to Aberdeen’s super-fast network through us,  simply submit your details here and our GraniteGiG team will be in-touch.